Cindy Beers is a service disabled veteran on a mission. Current events and the recent war coverage in Ukraine are wreaking havoc on our mental health. Cindy is offering ways to help us all decompress. As a fierce mental health advocate and coach, she is helping others live their best lives by teaching them to effectively manage the anxiety, depression, trauma and stress caused by the media overexposure of the recent events in Ukraine. Her solutions are easy, simple, and for everyone.  Cindy is currently offering two free options to access these tools: Witnessing War and Your Mental Health full article or online workshop May 28, 2022. It is absolutely true that watching and listening to the news can cause anxiety, depression, trauma, and stress. Constantly looking at and listening to the disturbing newsreels shown on television or online can cause devastating effects on the body and mind. Stress reveals itself in many different ways and Cindy provides a checklist to help identify symptoms and solutions through proven tools that include: yoga, meditation, EFT/Tapping, breath work, and affirmations. Cindy says, “I’m always looking for new and different ways to help others work to lower their anxiety, depression, PTSD/Trauma, and stress - whether they realize they even have it or not. If you’re constantly witnessing war, it is quite likely your mental health is being affected by it. Take the time for yourself and help your mental wellness to be at its best.”  [CTA] Cindy is a recommended service provider by the American Mental Wellness Association and was recently awarded the Founders First CDC 2021 Steve Fund Grant by the Veterans Chamber of Commerce.  For media inquiries, please contact Ava Taylor at [email protected] YAMA Talent - Catalyst for Better Living! 68 Jay St. Suite 201 Brooklyn, NY 11201 O: 718.839.4482 C: 646.875.3901 Source: Red Head Yoga