Tired of doing the dishes but the dishwasher is too big, noisy, and expensive? MAXXwasher Pro is born, a next-generation dishwasher that uses powerful 400W Ultrasonic Power and MAXXcatalyst tech to clean dishes, fruits, and even clothes. It is small and budget-friendly, saving money and space for small apartments. MAXXwasher is like nothing else on the market. It is a true replacement for dishwashers using far less electricity and water. By tailoring industrial-grade 400W ultrasonic and MAXXcatalyst for household use, MAXXwasher blasts dishes clean and neutralize all harmful substances. As it runs at room temperature, cleaning food and vegetables is possible too. MAXXwasher can be installed in two minutes. It transforms a sink into a green and cost-efficient dish & food washer.  MAXXwasher is easy to use daily. Just dip it into the kitchen sink and connect its power socket. A selection of washing modes will clean everything from fruits and dishes to clothes in one click of a button. Anything will come out sparkling clean in a few minutes. MAXXwasher can be pre-ordered right now on Kickstarter at a great discount for $229 (50% off MSRP). Check out MAXXwasher here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1658045282/maxxwasher-pro-the-revolutionary-kitchen-washer?ref=7wa8yp For any inquiries or potential collaborations, please email [email protected].  Source: MAXXwasher Ltd.