Today, Aunt Genie’s dishcloths launch on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Starting from the $39 Early Bird Package, Aunt Genie is the world’s first cleaning towel that is truly chemical-free and requires only water to clean dishes and home surfaces.  Aunt Genie is launching with three powerful cleaning solutions to meet household cleaning needs, including a scrubber, dishcloth, and dish towel. The scrubber is strong enough to remove stubborn grease from pans and household surfaces without causing damage. The dishcloth offers a non-toxic solution to cleaning dishes and nearly all household surfaces and appliances without using dish soap or other cleaning solutions. The dish towel is a sanitary, no-lint solution for finishing off tough cleaning jobs, leaving dishes and surfaces dry, clean, and spot-free.  The secret behind Aunt Genie’s dishcloths is their bamboo construction. They are naturally biodegradable, highly absorbent, bacteria-free, hypoallergenic, and odorless. Their innovative construction makes them resistant to stains and sturdy enough for long-time daily use but gentle enough to never scratch dishes, pans, and household surfaces.  “People spend millions of dollars each year on harmful cleaning solutions that are damaging both to the environment and to their household surfaces, dishes, and their family’s health. Millions more are spent on disposable cleaning products like paper toweling that create additional waste,” said Young-Hee Jin, a.k.a Aunt Genie. “With Aunt Genie, we’ve created a truly non-toxic cleaning product that only relies on water to get the job done. It’s the easiest way to save both the environment and your money when it comes to cleaning solutions.” You can back Aunt Genie on their Kickstarter page now, starting at $39 for the Early Bird Package. Aunt Genie is designed and handmade in Korea. Link to Kickstarter Project: Asset Folder: Source: Aunt Genie