Roborovski NFT is based on the award-winning animated short film Roborovski created by Hollywood stars Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire, Lion, The Green Knight) and Tilda Cobham-Hervey (I am Woman, Hotel Mumbai) co-written by John Collee (Happy Feet) produced by Jomon Thomas (Hotel Mumbai).  Set in the backdrop of Marvin’s Pet Shop, a dejected Roborovski hamster goes off on a murderous rampage. The film comically explores the dark world of loneliness and despair. Roborovski focuses on the exploits of the ninja hamster who fails to get adopted and is rejected by the other pets.  Since its release in March 2021 at various film festival screenings, the loveable but lethal hamster has drawn a lot of attention. The latest—being immortalized as NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).  S’YA Concept—known for movies including Hotel Mumbai, Home Shopper, and Buffalo Boys—joined up with the team at Caravan Studio, a renowned digital art studio that has previously collaborated with Marvel, Lucasfilm Ltd., Blizzard, and Riot Games to create one-of-a-kind pieces of immersive art that tell the story of the iconic hamster.  A limited collection of 10,000 unique illustrations of the dwarf Robo hamster will be available on the 15th of February 2022. The Roborovski NFT collection includes stories about the dark humorous adventures of the iconic hamster. The Roborovski NFTs will give buyers exclusive access to view the short film, and the opportunity to earn royalties from the use of the artwork.  The Roborovski franchise gives the first 20 buyers (with a minimum purchase of 5 NFTs) limited-edition merchandise signed by the creative team behind the NFT artwork collection. Moreover, NFT owners will have the right to vote on the future of the Roborovski project releases, such as film, game, television series, and metaverse development. The Roborovski ecosystem will allow NFT owners to partake in the adventures of the tiny hamster villain while being part of a creative community with access to rare new content.  For more information about this highly anticipated collection or to get on the Roborovski NFT white list, go to  Roborovski projects official Discord server. To learn more about the short film called Roborovski by Dev Patel and Tilda CobhamHervey, go to  About S’YA Concept:  About Caravan Studios:  Notes to editors: An NFT is a unique digital token in an original and non-interchangeable digital asset record stored on the blockchain network. The ownership of the NFT token is attributed to the crypto address where the token is located, and data such as price, transaction history, and ownership are forever stored and accessible on the blockchain network.  These NFTs will be available at  Contact information: Aleksandr Shlemin  Email: [email protected] Source: SYA Concept