Launchmetrics, the leading Brand Performance Cloud for the Fashion, Luxury, Beauty (FLB) industries, announces the acquisition of their largest competitor, DMR. Following the acquisition, Launchmetrics becomes the SaaS provider to over 1,200 FLB brands, offering the most comprehensive brand performance solution. This strategic move marks the company’s fifth acquisition*, projecting Launchmetrics to the undisputed category leader in Brand Performance.   For Fashion, Luxury and Beauty industries, the brand is the most important financial asset, with investments upwards of $250B/year on activities directly linked to brand reputation. While there are a multitude of tools that track business and financial performance, Launchmetrics provides the only end-to-end solution to measure brand performance. Their Brand Performance Cloud provides optimization and measurement tools enabling executives to make smarter decisions around their branding efforts.  “This is a significant moment for Launchmetrics,” states Michael Jais, CEO of Launchmetrics. “We’ve been working hard to create the industry’s most powerful solution to optimize and measure brand performance - thanks to DMR’s added value, our momentum is propelled, with more than 1,200 clients using our tools today.  I am proud to say that we’re an undisputed player in our category but we’re also one step closer to reaching our greater business objectives: hitting over $100M in ARR by 2025.” “At DMR, we care deeply about each and every one of our client’s specificities and as Founder I have also cared for more than 20 years about our employees, whom I consider my family,” states DMR’s President & Founder, Enzo di Sarli. “Launchmetrics has been a longstanding competitor of DMR, the conversation has been a natural evolution over the years and my main goal, thanks to this decision, is to ensure my legacy, over the next years both to DMR clients, whose trust was essential over the years, and to DMR worldwide staff who have always been by my side throughout this exciting journey.” Thanks to this acquisition, Launchmetrics grows to over 400 employees, across 10 offices worldwide. DMR clients will continue to benefit from the extensive panel of data and services that they know and love, while gaining access to even more metrics found within the Launchmetrics Brand Performance Cloud solutions, including (but not limited to) social media campaigns in both Western and Eastern territories on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, WeChat, Douyin (TikTok), Weibo, RED, Bilibili, and others. In return, Launchmetrics clients will see an added value thanks to augmented coverage results, 20 years of historical data as well as access to strengthened customer-centric services. Launchmetrics technology monitors data for more than 5,000 lifestyle brands; tracking upwards of 5 million documents per day. Its Brand Performance Cloud encompasses:

600,000 Voices across print, online and social media 

10,000 publications (newspapers, magazines and supplements) and 50,000 online sources

As well as: 

85% global fashion shows powered by Launchmetrics 4k images and 1k videos shot every season, for more than 40 Fashion Weeks $5B product value managed every season through the Samples tool

Ongoing, Launchmetrics will provide industry professionals with the tools and data to help executives make smarter decisions around their branding efforts. Enzo di Sarli will stay on as a consultant to ensure a smooth transition for clients, while bringing his respected expertise to the business alongside former DMR CEO Marco Levi. Moving forward, Launchmetrics’ top priority is to ensure DMR customers keep the same level of service while benefiting from the variety of tools found within their Brand Performance Cloud. *Previous, recent acquisitions include PARKLU in 2020, IMAXtree in 2019, Visual Box and Style Coalition in 2017Press Contacts: Launchmetrics Katherine Knight, Communications Director [email protected] About LaunchmetricsLaunchmetrics is the leading Brand Performance Cloud used by Fashion, Luxury and Beauty (FLB) executives to connect with the modern consumer in a constantly changing landscape. With over a decade of industry expertise, Launchmetrics helps more than 1,000 customers create inspiring, impactful and measurable experiences. Its Brand Performance Cloud provides companies with the tools and intelligence they need to optimize the use of their creative assets, execute powerful brand amplification programs and measure their brand performance. The company’s AI-driven and proprietary Media Impact ValueTM gives customers the ability to benchmark their performance against 2,000 competitors worldwide. Launchmetrics’ intelligence empowers these companies to grow their businesses and streamline their processes, bringing a sharp focus to profitability, accountability, and efficiency while enabling the type of quick decision-making required for agility. Founded in New York and with operating headquarters in Paris, Launchmetrics has employees in ten markets worldwide and offers support in five languages. Launchmetrics has been the trusted brand performance technology to brands worldwide such as Dior, Fendi, Shiseido, and NET-A-PORTER as well as partners like IMG, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the British Fashion Council, Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana and the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. To learn more about Launchmetrics, please visit and follow @launchmetrics. Source: Launchmetrics