How To Secure Yourself From Purchasing The Fake Gemstones?

Khanna Treasures count on the wonderful powers of mystical gemstones. The shade and look of these gemstones draw us to acquire them at any cost. We purchased them from market without recognizing their authenticity and originality and sometimes we captured by fake gems retailers. So, before you purchase any kind of gems you should have some knowledge of those particular gemstones.


If you want to Acquire Manik Stone then you have to find out about the 4 C’s of it. Buy Manik Rock which is opaque or translucent. Some ruby ratna are clear also yet they are extremely uncommon. Manik ratna has several additions like splits, milklike effect etc. that makes it much less clear. Clean Ruby ratna are really uncommon and also are extremely expensive. To Buy Ruby Stone, check for various kinds of cut of Ruby (Ruby) according to your option such as Marquise, Octagon, Oval, Pear, Heart, Round and Square. Colour Tone of the Manik ratna varies between light pink to deep pigeon blood red. The deep pigeon blood red Manik Stones costs you high as contrast to light pink shade. The colors of blue, yellow and black mark their existence also in Ruby Stone that reduces its cost. Burmese Ruby is transparent and also has bright red shade that makes it costlier than other Ruby. To Purchase Manik Rock, try to acquire the Burmese Ruby. Much more is the carat weight finer is the quality but they are uncommon. So their costs vary. Acquire Manik rock of above 3-4 carats to obtain the very best quality Manik Stone.


The factors that influenced by the cut of a diamond are its brilliance, diffusion of lights as well as scintillation or shimmering effect. A little and well reduced diamond fetches higher price for it. Buy Diamonds that are readily available in range of shades like pinks, blues as well as yellow and fetch more worth as they are rare. Nonetheless, white as well as clear diamond offers you the true shade hence have higher value. Acquire Diamonds has numerous incorporations as they are acquired from deep planet. Extra the additions extra are the flaws. To Get Diamonds, see to it that the additions are under facets or near the girdle due to the fact that they are tough to see. The cost of the Diamonds depend upon the cut, colour, clearness as well as carat weight, yet occasionally the equal carat weight rubies have various cost, majorly relies on cut, shade as well as clarity. So, to Get Diamonds you need to inspect the 4C’s very carefully.

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