Kinds of String for Jewelry Making

String material for jewelry and craft projects can vary from an easy item of nylon to a premium item of silk. They various sorts of string product will certainly guarantee there is something for every single project, however this can make it a little complicated to pick the ideal one. Allow’s have a look at a few of the most preferred string choices for precious jewelry making:


Nylon is a very versatile alternative that is practical for several jewelry layouts. It is a reliable choice in woven bracelets and a beneficial selection for many basic string related scenarios. Nylon string is split right into several different classifications. One of the prominent types is the Chinese knotting cable which is a kind of braided nylon. This nylon is extremely solid and also easily able to keep its shape. Likewise, the KO beading string is abrasion immune, strong and also simple to secure completions securely.


Cotton cable is a helpful choice for tasks that can benefit from a distinct look. This type of string material is developed by incorporating a number of woven strings and applying a finish of wax to help lessen issues with fraying. It is excellent for stringing beads with a threaded opening in the region of 1 to 2 mm in thickness. As soon as the finish of wax is applied, the string is spick-and-span and also resilient.


Flexible cable is a valuable alternative for making jewelry that requires a particular level of versatility, such as the stretchy arm bands. The flexible nature of this string makes the precious jewelry extremely simple to remove. When the precious jewelry grains are put on the elastic, it is relatively simple to safeguard using a standard cosmetic surgeon’s knot or comparable. Additionally, for extra toughness, the knot can easily be finished with a few drops of elastic pleasant adhesive.

Polyethylene fiber

Using polyethylene fiber is the ideal selection for pieces of precious jewelry that require a great deal of strength. This material has the capability to offer terrific overall toughness and also is really simple to connect at the end of a task. It is a sensible alternative for holding beads that aren’t smooth.

Polyester cord

Polyester cable is a very strong and very easy to make use of choice for the macramé as well as shamballa precious jewelry designs. It is a valuable choice when working with grains that have a big thread hole. The string is extremely reputable and also will not shed its form or shrink when it comes into contact with wetness.

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