Founded by former law enforcement agents—including a former Chief State prosecutor, an FBI agent, a U.S. Marshal, and Secret Service agents— is the first company of its kind to provide affordable identity theft recovery services from retired police and legal professionals. Identity and credit protection services include ‘lock and block’ services, plus free credit reports, junk mail and telemarketer reduction plans, and identity theft insurance. Identity theft is currently the fastest growing crime in the United States, with a new victim every four seconds and roughly ten million victims every single year. With its top-rated identity theft protection program, is able to significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to identity theft, providing effective safeguards that flag the signs of theft at the earliest stages. The two-step program includes services dedicated to both prevention and protection, and comes with identity theft insurance to cover any losses that are incurred. Consumers interested in the highest quality coverage are encouraged to learn more about the Gold Protection Plan, which offers the widest range of available services for fraud protection. Individuals covered under this plan can reduce the chance of falling victim to identity theft by as much as 90%. Consumers seeking identity protection shouldn’t trust just anyone to watch over their personal and financial identity. has the expert knowledge needed to provide the best possible identity theft protection and recovery services, with tactics designed by former law enforcement professionals with decades of combined legal experience. There is a one in three chance of having an identity stolen. Visit to discover more about the importance of high-level protection against identity theft and additional ways to stay vigilant about valuable personal information online. makes it easy to protect against serious losses from identity fraud, and is available 24/7 for all customer needs. For more information, please visit About is an identity theft protection company that specializes in a two-step approach to comprehensive identity theft prevention and protection. Services include real-time fraud alerts and 24/7 customer support, as well as free credit reports, junk mail and telemarketer reductions, and identity theft insurance. Visit our website to learn more. Contact:[email protected] Source: KeepMyIDs