WizarPOS, a trailblazer in Android POS and payment systems, announces today its flagship mobile POS, Q2 and Q3, obtained the OmniPay certificate provided by Fiserv, a subsidiary of European Merchant Services (EMS). This authorized certification entails mainstream credit and debit card transactions for omnichannel payments across borders, including online and offline PINs for magnetic stripe, chip, and contactless. The PIN-on-Glass mobile WizarPOS Q2 has been deployed in North America, South America, Europe, and East Asia, serving varied sectors of catering, retail, mobile merchants, and banking. Its sleek design and mounting flexibility level up the frictionless user experience powered by rigid industry-level security. In comparison, the portable Android POS WizarPOS Q3, without a thermal printer, supercharges fast, safe, and mobile payments across healthcare, transit, banking, and hospitality industries. It can also be integrated into a vending machine or ticket validator as an embedded payment module supporting contactless bank cards, NFC mobile payments, and QR codes. Combined, the WizarPOS Q2 and Q3 have over 2-million unit shipments on five continents. Kaishen Zhu, the founder of WizarPOS, commented, “We are excited to achieve the OmniPay certificate, which enables WizarPOS to expand its footprint in Europe and serve more merchants and clients. As usual, the WizarPOS team commits to quality and security at the services of our long-term network partners.” With a holistic in-house technology stack and three-decade know-how about security and payments, WizarPOS offers a full range of acceptance devices, all of which are Android-based, PCI PTS and EMV certified, and have seamless integration with the Android ecosystem.  About OmniPay and European Merchant Services (EMS) EMS is a leading European omnichannel payment processor and acquirer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It serves 40,000 clients in 40 countries. Learn more at https://emspay.eu/about-ems.  About WizarPOS WizarPOS, the trailblazer in Android POS terminal technology, is committed to empowering secure, future-proof, and scalable payment solutions worldwide. Carrying Android DNA without legacies, the WizarPOS team debuted the world’s first wireless POS device under PCI v1.3 in 2005. Designing and enabling Android merchant payment ecosystems from devices, SDK, and TMS to SaaS solutions, WizarPOS has shipped over 2 million units of Android-based payment devices worldwide. Visit www.wizarpos.com for details. Media contact:  Elaine LaiDirector of Marketing & [email protected]: +1 818 856 0834 Follow WizarPOS  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wizarpos  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WizarPOS Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wizarpos YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK3KxgNR15HbH7V4s6UU1rQ  Source: WizarPOS