Isto Biologics, a leader in surgical-based, orthobiologic regeneration technologies and cell-based therapies, announced today the launch of Influx™ Fibrant, an unprecedented line of functional constructs derived from 100% cortical allograft. The cutting-edge line consisting of five new products includes Fibrant Anchor, Boat, Bullet, Pak and Wrap.  The Fibrant launch features the patented technology platform that Isto Biologics’ recent acquisition of TheraCell, Inc brings to Isto’s expanding portfolio of orthopedic allografts. “We are thrilled to launch the novel Fibrant line and broaden our offerings of products designed to help patients heal faster,” said Don Brown, Isto’s Chief Executive Officer. “The proprietary Fibrant Technology platforms, including Formlok™ Technology, will offer surgeons a game-changing range of new product options that have not been available until now,” he added. Isto’s innovative Fibrant™ Technology utilizes unique processes to produce uniform fiber geometry, size and texture, while preserving the natural collagen structure of bone. Three of the Fibrant products including Pak, Wrap, and Boat are created with Formlok technology to increase stability in the products and assure that they retain integrity upon hydration. The advanced handling properties of the new products make them ideal for spinal fusion and other orthopedic applications.  “We now have even better options for surgeons who focus on putting their patient’s needs front and center,” said Nelson Scarborough, PhD, Bone Technology Coach at Isto Biologics, and inventor of the Fibrant Technology. “The versatility of Fibrant’s longer and stronger fibers sets us on a path to rapidly adapt to future surgeon needs and applications.” The Fibrant Line-Up  Fibrant Pak - A cortical fiber pouch that sets a new standard for graft containment and delivery by providing an efficient and cost-effective method for capturing autogenous bone while preventing migration.  Fibrant Anchor - 100% cortical fiber fixation sleeve that provides ultimate strength and stability for pedicle screws.  Fibrant Bullet - Cortical fiber pellets designed for delivery in the interbody space via an MIS tube. Fibrant Wrap - Customizable, 100% cortical fiber sheets that are used to wrap autograft and other graft material to satisfy containment, bulking, and other surgical needs. Fibrant Boat - Designed to be loaded with autograft and other graft materials and placed in the posterolateral gutters for one, two, or three-level fusions.  About Isto Biologics Isto Biologics is a leading biologic and cellular therapy company in the orthopedic space. Isto Biologics is focused on Helping Patients Heal Faster™ through innovative solutions for bone regeneration and cell-based therapies. The company’s flagship product offerings include the market-leading Magellan® Autologous Platelet Separator, and bone-growth products including InQu® Bone Graft Extender & Substitute, and the Influx™ product family. For more information, visit Media Contact:Jessica Kemp | Director of [email protected] Source: Isto Biologics