Kirk Rich Dial Corporation and My Jewelry Repair are proud to announce a formal partnership that sees the two companies elevate their craft and continue in their promise to provide the best premier watch restoration services possible. “We believe this partnership is the beginning of great new opportunities for both of our companies,” says Juan Guevara, CEO of My Jewelry Repair. “Kirk Rich is the leading name in premier dial refinishing because they treat their work like we do, as an art. Together we can share ideas on how to best service our customers, from the work being done on the bench to embracing tech to make it easier to communicate with our customers. This is just the beginning.” The partnership means all watch repair customers of My Jewelry Repair will now have their dial refinishing handled by the master craftsmen at Kirk Rich Dial Co. Simultaneously, watch restorations that require more than the craft of dial refinishing will be handled by the certified watchmakers at My Jewelry Repair’s elite Watch Repair Service Center. To show the extent to which the two companies see this new partnership as promising, plans are coming together for a new Kirk Rich Dial Co. office to be built alongside or expanded upon My Jewelry Repair’s Southern California facilities. Kirk Rich Dial Co. has been servicing the trade since 1926 and is the leading name in dial refinishing services in the United States, and is respected globally. Refinishing both antiques and new timepieces, their exquisite designs are handcrafted in their own manufacturing facility to meet the highest standards of watch manufacturers such as Rolex, Omega, Richemont Group, and more. My Jewelry Repair is the leading online jewelry and watch repair service in the United States, already partnering with many prestigious brands such as Montblanc, Bulova, Macy’s and others. From master craftsmen to state-of-the-art facilities, they continue in their quest to provide the best Jewelry and Watch Repair experience possible. My Jewelry Repair sees this new partnership as an example of that, as they maintain the belief that true quality does not come by having one element of the best, but is created by combining the best of every element in the restoration process. *** My Jewelry Repair Customer Experience Contact: Juan Mendoza Email: [email protected] (909) 204-5266 Source: My Jewelry Repair