Helpmonks is proud to announce the relaunch of its popular Razuna Digital Asset Management software for small to large businesses and marketing teams. Originally designed over 10 years ago, the software incorporates new updated technologies to improve speed and functionality. Plus, it’s optimized for cloud storage - something needed in today’s digital world. To celebrate this new capability, the company’s new pricing plan allows customers to get 500GB of cloud storage for free. “After 10 years delivering a Digital Asset Management, we relaunch a brand new version that is optimized for today’s modern businesses with cloud storage first. It has been re-written from the ground up to meet today’s requirement on file management.” - Nitai Aventaggiato (Founder) stated. Digital Asset Management (DAM) software gives company and marketing teams an all-inclusive tool to create, store, organize and share data with interested stakeholders and parties. The new Razuna software comes with vast improvements to make sharing work easier than with the old version of the program. The 11 main improvements made to the new version of Razuna are: Organization: The software allows users to easily organize video, graphics, audio, and animation assets into drag-and-drop files and folders. Collaboration: Team members and external colleagues can access dedicated workspaces that allow the sharing of files and folders while working together on a project. Link Creation: Private links can be developed and shared to allow access to any brand and media files. Uptime: Razuna has a 99.99 percent uptime so workflows don’t get interrupted. Performance enhancements: The performance has been enhanced by eliminating unnecessary coding that slowed the previous version down. Quick Location Time: Everything on Razuna can be found in milliseconds. API: The application programming interface (API) allows you to give third-parties developers and business partners the ability to access files on Razuna. Cloud Servers: Razuna can be deployed on a dedicated cloud server for universal access. Previews: A user can access previews of files automatically without having to repeatedly download the file. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Razuna is compatible with all major browsers as well as on a mobile app that gives users complete online and offline access to files wherever they go.  Scalability: Users can use 500 GB of storage or increase it up to 450 TB or more, depending on the company’s needs. The Razuna digital asset management software was originally developed by Nitai Aventaggiato in 2008 to help small to large businesses communicate more effectively with customers and team members. Later, as Aventaggiato sought to increase the level of connectivity between customers and businesses, he developed Helpmonks, an all-in-one team collaboration tool. The company recently launched the first flat fee Email Marketing Tool. More information is available at and at Media contact: [email protected] Source: Helpmonks