Só Dança, a leading provider of quality dance supplies in over 35 countries, today announced the launch of “WE STAND FOR HOPE,” a program conducted in concert with their retail partners to aid Ukrainian refugee dancers that have come to the U.S. seeking refuge from war. The company has also sought to raise money for several Ukraine-focused charities on their website through their “WE STAND FOR PEACE” initiative. Só Dança has retail partners at dance stores throughout the continental U.S.  A recent study has shown that dance and movement therapy has had a great effect in addressing trauma and stress among Syrian refugee children. According to the study, there is a lack of skilled trauma specialists and “culturally informed and language-capable clinicians who can meet the needs of refugee populations.” With dance considered a universal language, attending classes can “strengthen emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration” without the need for specialists. Só Dança, along with its local retail partners, are helping young dancers who will be arriving in the U.S. after fleeing the crisis in Ukraine. By using connections within their respective communities, such as dance companies, dance schools, dance studios, and more, Só Dança hopes to reach as many new arrivals as possible.  The company will work with their retailers to sponsor two to five dancers (per participating store) by providing them with Só Dança brand dancewear for one full year - including ballet or jazz shoes, tights and leotards. “We’d like to invite newcomers to our country who are escaping unfathomable situations to be a part of our larger dance community. The aim is to spread hope and joy to young dancers while also involving our retailers in their communities,” said Lisias Ransan, CEO of Só Dança. “Sending these dancers into class in a new country should bring a sense of familiarity and comfort. Regardless of where you are from, when you start ballet class you always go to the barre and do plies. We’d like to help them find some semblance of normal.” Só Dança is a dance manufacturing company that has advocated for dancers and the arts for over 30 years. One of their pillars is Community. They recently concluded an online-only initiative “WE STAND FOR PEACE” in which, until March 12, every sale over $50 had 20% donated to charity to help the Ukrainian community. Online customers were able to choose from a list of vetted charities, including Save The Children, Hearts of Hope Ukraine, Grace to Ukraine and Samaritan’s Purse. The “WE STAND FOR HOPE” program is ongoing. For more information and to find a local retailer, please visit the store locator at www.sodanca.com or email [email protected].  #### About Só Dança Só Dança, today, has transformed into a progressive thinking brand that aims to revolutionize the industry. For people who believe in the boundless power for dance, So Dança helps re-imagine this thought into every product they launch. They are pushing innovation and creativity in the world of dance tech. The brand’s ultimate objective is to optimize performance for the dancers so that more people can indulge in the impactful movement of the performance arts. Source: Só Dança